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Medical Assistants play a key role in both patient care and the efficient operation of a medical office. The Medical Assistant Associate of Science degree program at Virginia College in Birmingham provides a hands-on education that will help prepare students for the clinical and administrative duties of a physician's office or other medical settings.

The Medical Assistant Associate of Science degree program in Birmingham offers training for direct involvement in patient care, such as preparing patients for examination, obtaining vital signs and medical histories, drawing blood and collecting specimens, assisting with patient exams, and administering medications and immunizations as directed by the physician.

Your Medical Assistant training will cover various lab and clinical techniques, such as EKG, CPR and venipuncture as well as Universal Standard Precautions and aseptic techniques. Virginia College medical assistant training also will involve administrative skills such as scheduling appointments, medical record keeping and insurance procedures.

Highly qualified instructors with extensive real-world experience will provide instruction throughout the 24-month program. We provide the practical training needed to pursue a fulfilling career as a medical assistant in a variety of healthcare settings, including medical offices and clinics, outpatient and inpatient hospital facilities and similar healthcare locations.

Hands-On Medical Assistant Training

One of the most exciting aspects of pursuing the Medical Assistant Associate of Science degree at Virginia College in Birmingham is the opportunity to apply what you learn in class to an actual workplace setting. You'll participate in an 11-week externship in a physician's office, clinic or similar healthcare facility supervised by a physician, nurse or other health services professional. The externship experience provides valuable exposure to the actual day-to-day work of a medical assistant and can help you prepare to be a key contributor on the healthcare team after graduation.

The Associate in Science degree program includes a variety of general education courses, which supplement the core education of Medical Assistant training.  This curriculum provides for a well-rounded education with the coursework required to earn an associate's degree credential.

Upon successful completion of the Medical Assistant Diploma at Virginia College in Birmingham, qualified students may apply to sit for one or all of these certification exams: Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), Registered Medical Assistant (RMA), or Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA). Although certification is not a requirement for employment as a medical assistant, it does underscore the quality of your academic training and your commitment to a successful career as a medical assistant.

Real World Learning Opportunities

Birmingham's robust medical community offers a wide variety of externship options and future employment opportunities. Career planning and placement assistance is also available from Virginia College in Birmingham.

Graduates of the Virginia College Medical Assistant Associate of Science program have gone on to work in many local healthcare facilities including Kirkland Clinic, American Family Care, Birmingham Healthcare and others.

Learn more about a fulfilling career as a medical assistant in the rapidly growing healthcare industry. Complete the Request More Information form and take the first step toward your exciting new career.

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