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Network Management (Bachelor's)

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Graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree in Network Management from Virginia College in Birmingham may pursue jobs as part of an Information Technology (IT) team working in a broad range of public or private sector organizations. At Virginia College, we help prepare students for work as an IT professional with training in computer service, network engineering, network administration and network security.

As a student progresses through Virginia College’s 45-month Bachelor of Science in Network Management program, he or she will spend a significant amount of time learning by doing. Our instructors encourage active participation in classes, with hands-on instruction that lets students apply concepts they have explored during readings and lectures.

Our instructors provide instruction on how to operate, install, configure, troubleshoot, upgrade and maintain PCs and networks, and work to demonstrate to students how to develop the skills to solve a variety of network issues, through hands-on training opportunities. Students will have the chance to develop more advanced understanding of client/server computer concepts with an emphasis on the engineering practices used on modern networks.

Network Management Courses with Hands-on Training

The Network Management program at Virginia College in Birmingham provides a broad foundation of relevant general education and Information Technology classes. At the same time, the Network Management program provides ample course selections for your Area of Concentration electives in the areas of computer networking, network management or network security to also provide the depth of specialization in your degree. The flexibility of Virginia College’s Network Management program helps students to pursue a degree program that is tailored to individual educational needs and career goals.

Throughout the Network Management degree program at Virginia College in Birmingham, students have the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable instructors with extensive real-world experience in their discipline areas. We provide the practical training needed to pursue a position as a network management professional in a variety of settings, such as corporations, government agencies, healthcare facilities, nonprofit organizations, start-up companies and more.

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Science in Network Management degree, qualified students may choose to pursue a variety of industry-standard professional networking and computer certifications, including A+, Network+, Security+, CNA, CNE, Linux+, MCP, MCSA, MCSA+S, MCSE, MCSE+S, SCSA, SCNA and CCNA. Although certification may not be required for employment as a network manager or similar position, it does signify to prospective employers a level of expertise that is highly desirable to companies staffing IT positions of vital importance to the organization.

Preparing for a Network Management Career

As companies in Birmingham and other cities search for qualified candidates to staff IT positions, it’s important to have the right training and practical experience. The Bachelor of Science degree program in Network Management, along with career planning and placement assistance from Virginia College in Birmingham, can help you work toward your goal of becoming a desirable candidate for IT positions after graduation.

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