Management Information Systems - Bachelor's Degree

Management Information Systems - Bachelor's Degree

Managing an organization's information systems requires more than just computer know-how; it also takes a thorough knowledge of the business, an understanding of the information needs of personnel and the ability to balance the evolving needs of the organization with an ever-expanding range of technological options for workplace economy and efficiency.

Our Information Systems Degree

This Virginia College online Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) is designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to business information systems and equip you with valuable managerial skills. It is designed so that you will be prepared for a career involving the management and design of computer-based information systems — the ones available today and the innovations of tomorrow.

What Can You Do with a Management Information Systems Degree?

Graduates from this online program will be prepared for employment in positions involved with management and design of applications and distributed information systems. Usual duties include planning and coordinating activities in such functions as electronic data processing, information systems, systems analysis and computer programming. One or more of these job titles might apply:

  • Computing Services Director
  • Data Processing Manager
  • Director of Application Development
  • Information Systems Director (IS Director)
  • Information Systems Manager (IS Manager)
  • Information Technology Director (IT Director)
  • Information Technology Manager (IT Manager)
  • MIS Director
  • Technical Services Manager

Is MIS a Good Career?

Computer information systems jobs can make good careers; the job market is healthy and the pay is good. Learn more.

What Will I Learn in my MIS Degree Program?

Upon graduation from this program, graduates should be able to:

  • Analyze, interpret and apply various information system functions vital to modern-day business
  • Classify the basic elements of management integration with information systems
  • Describe the necessary requirements for effective decision making in business organizations
  • Demonstrate a practical understanding of current systems analysis and design
  • Identify and classify relevant human resource management skills to attain maximum information processing
  • Document the legal and environmental issues in information gathering and examination
  • Discuss and document the relationship of management tools and information analysis as it relates to the workplace
  • Classify relevant technological processes that present themselves in a workplace environment dependent on contemporary

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NOTE: Program details subject to change. See the official campus catalog and appropriate addenda for the latest information.
Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas are required by Georgia, South Carolina and Oklahoma to be listed as Certificates (C).
Associate of Science degrees (AS) are required by SC, TN & VA to be listed as Associated of Applied Science degrees (AAS).
Associate of Applied Science degrees (AAS) are required by LA & VA to be listed as Associate in Occupational Studies degrees (AOS).
Bachelor of Science degrees (BS) are required by TN to be listed as Bachelor of Applied Science degrees (BAS).

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