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Cosmetology (Diploma)
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Pursue your cosmetology career with our Cosmetology program at Virginia College in Birmingham. Whether you dream of becoming a professional hair stylist, hair designer, nail expert, or skin care specialist, our courses are designed to teach you the managerial, technical, and customer skills you need to be successful.

Our Cosmetology program uses Pivot Point, a well-respected teaching method, providing you with the opportunity to learn in the fashion that best suits your learning needs. All of our classes are taught by well-qualified instructors with years of real-world experience they use in their instruction. You will have the chance to learn and practice in a studio space designed to look and feel like a true salon, complete with a variety of tools and brands so as to provide a true-to-life learning environment.

The Birmingham Cosmetology program, which is designed to take only 12 months to complete for day students, also has a student-run salon, V's Student Cosmetology Services, so you have the opportunity to practice techniques and learn how to work with real customers as part of your educational experience. You are even encouraged to start building your own client list to gain a head-start after graduation! Some graduates of the Birmingham Cosmetology program have continued to work with clients they met in V's Student Cosmetology Services after graduation.

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