Pastry Arts (Diploma/Certificate)

Pastry Arts (Diploma/Certificate)

This program prepares students for a diversified, intensive education in food preparation. Students receive hands-on realistic training. It is designed to provide learning experiences that offer students a solid background of practical training, and ensures that students are instructed in fundamental, intermediate, and advanced culinary arts along with a real-world externship under the direction of certified chefs.

Culinard - the Culinary Institute of Virgina College

Visit the website of Culinard - the Culinary Institute of Virginia College to learn more about our 36-week fast-track culinary arts diploma program.

Expand your career options with our culinary arts program which can be completed in just 24 additional weeks. Ask your enrollment specialist for details.

Your success in Pastry Arts (Diploma/Certificate) starts at the following locations:

NOTE: Program details subject to change. See the official campus catalog and appropriate addenda for the latest information.
Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas are required by Georgia, South Carolina and Oklahoma to be listed as Certificates (C).
Associate of Science degrees (AS) are required by SC, TN & VA to be listed as Associated of Applied Science degrees (AAS).
Associate of Applied Science degrees (AAS) are required by LA & VA to be listed as Associate in Occupational Studies degrees (AOS).
Bachelor of Science degrees (BS) are required by TN to be listed as Bachelor of Applied Science degrees (BAS).

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