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Sales Professional (Diploma)


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Learn the skills and processes designed to make you a sought-after sales professional.

The sales profession is a career field that can be as interesting as it is rewarding. Companies of all kinds rely on skilled, motivated and knowledgeable sales professionals to grow their customer base and increase their revenue.

The Sales Professional Diploma program at Virginia College is designed around the premise that, while a person's personality is important, good salespeople are successful because of skills and processes that can be learned. This nine-month program is designed to teach you those skills and processes that may give you a competitive edge over other job seekers.

School will relate directly to what you'll need on the job.

In the Sales Professional program you will be instructed to communicate effectively—to write great sales proposals, prepare winning pitches through persuasive delivery and make the most of objections. To increase both your sales reach and power, appropriate use of technology tools such as smartphones, the Internet, and social networking are also covered.

Other coursework centers around word processing, customer service and "selling yourself" to potential employers with powerful resume development and interviewing skills.

Upon completing the Sales Professional program, students are awarded a Miller Heiman Sales Student Certificate. Miller Heiman is an internationally-recognized sales training organization with over 35 years of experience.*


Sales professionals generate new business for their employer by contacting potential customers and offering one or more types of products or services. Salespeople contact customers, explain product features, answer any questions that their customers may have and often negotiate prices.  Some sales professionals have an opportunity for increased earning power by working on commission.

Our dedicated Career Services team, including our Market Development Managers, work locally to help open doors to employment for our Sales Professional program graduates.


  • Develop both relationship and product-selling strategies
  • Determine customer needs and create value with consultative strategies
  • Develop and qualify a prospect base
  • Manage sales information
  • Maintain a professional image
  • Coordinate a job search

Virginia College makes it easy for you to get yourself on the fast track to preparing for a career as a Sales Professional. Fill out the Request More Information form now!

* Source: Miller Heiman website

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*Program details subject to change. See the official campus catalog and appropriate addenda for the latest information.

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