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Business Administration (Master's)

Master of Business Administration

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Earn your Master of Business Administration (MBA) from our 21-month Masters of Business Administration program and prepare to take your career to the next level.

The Master of Business Administration program at Virginia College in Birmingham blends management theory and real-world practical experience that is designed to help hone your leadership skills and prepare you for more advanced employment. Our courses cover financial accounting, managerial economics, marketing, strategic management, business ethics and personnel management, as well as a variety of elective courses.

Our instructors have practical business experience, working in a variety of business settings. Many are still active in the business community, managing their own businesses or working for local businesses, so they are able to provide real-world insights and useful networking guidance. This could be valuable to you both before and  after graduation.

Our program has day and evening classes. This allows you to take classes that fit to your schedule, not the other way around.

This program is designed to teach the skills needed to perform tasks such as coaching teams in a corporate setting, managing cross-disciplinary projects, conducting quantitative analyses of business situations and more. Our MBA program is designed to help prepare graduates for an advanced managerial career or enhance current career prospects.

Visit the general Business Administration program page to learn more about our 21-month Masters of Business Administration program.

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