Chattanooga Campus Blood & Platelet Drive Successful


Students, faculty and staff at Chattanooga's Virginia College of Business and Health are givers--and dozens of patients needing blood are the benefactors of that generosity.

After several previous blood drives on campus, organizers this summer decided to add a new component: platelet contribution. This was made possible by Blood Assurance, a non-profit regional blood center serving 56 health care facilities in 32 counties in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina.

Across the nation, about 40,000 units of blood are needed every day for sick and hurting people. But single donor platelets--the colorless cells which help the blood clotting process for cancer, trauma, and other patients--are in even higher demand.

It takes longer for a donor to give platelets--about an hour and a half--but he or she has the pleasure of knowing that in its short, five-day life span, the platelets will be a lifeline to others.

Heather Cronin, VC Student Services Director, says this year's overall donations (including 50 bags of whole blood and at least ten units of plasma) exceed previous events by more than 50%. She also praised staff and faculty members including Ardante Dawson and Vicki Payne for their dedication to donating blood--and for setting a good example for the students.