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Expert Tips for Special Occasion Hair and Makeup

Hair and Makeup Tips

Do you struggle with trying to achieve the perfect special occasion hair and makeup? Don’t worry! We asked two Virginia College Cosmetology program directors, A'Timberly Mapp and Tori Hudson, for their handy tips. Keep these tricks and ideas in mind when trying out your next look for a special event.

Special Occasion Hair and Makeup Tips:

  • Not everything works for everyone. You may like the way a formal hairstyle looks on a celebrity, but it’s okay if you try it on yourself and end up not liking it. You just need to find the style that best suits you. The same goes for makeup.

  • “Do not wait until the last moment to try a new style. Test it out first,” says Mapp. Test out some of our easy updos you can do from home!

  • Your hairstyle should be determined by what you are wearing as well. You don’t want hair to hide a beautiful collar or jewelry!

  • Experiment with new products to see what works best for your intended style.

  • Try not to overdo it. Sometimes a little goes a long way.

  • “Do a trial run of your intended look at a local beauty school,” says Mapp. “This allows you to see the end result of your look without breaking the bank.”

  • Skin should be cleaned and primed to ensure makeup will last for hours.

  • “For photos, makeup must be more dramatic than usual (bolder eyeliner, thicker, longer lashes, heavy lip gloss, etc.),” says Hudson.

Special Occasion Hair and Makeup Essentials:

  • “Mascara, lip gloss and translucent facial powder,” says Mapp. “These items should be in everyone’s makeup bag for daily use and for special occasions.”

  • “Dark eyeliner, shimmer eyeshadow and tinted lip gloss should also always be readily available for special events,” says Hudson. “Most of the makeup is applied before attending the event, so minor retouches should be the only thing needed.”

  • Oil pads are also essential because they are used for removing excess oils from your face.

  • “No time for rest? Eye drops are great after a long day’s work. Whether we like it or not, our bodies tell us when we need rest,” says Hudson. “Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work that way, so on those days where there is an important event you need to attend after work, but no time to rest before the event, add a couple of drops to your eyes to help with the redness. You may be tired and sleepy, but it will help you to look refreshed!”

Want to take your interest in hair and makeup to the next level? Learn more about the Cosmetology program at Virginia College.

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