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What Does Virginia College Offer? 4 Unexpected Benefits of Your Experience

What Does Virginia College Offer?

From textbook knowledge and practical skills to applications and real-world experiences, your time as a Virginia College student could prepare you for a new career and a better future in more ways than one.

What does Virginia College offer? In addition to career training in healthcare, information technology, business, culinary arts, trades, and more, Virginia College graduates often report having learned more lessons than just those taught in the classroom. Those benefits include: a committed work ethic, a deeper sense of purpose, connections with classmates and staff, and newfound confidence.

Read what our students and graduates have to say about these four unexpected benefits of a Virginia College experience.

1. Work Ethic

Our students work toward their goals in spite of obstacles, instilling in them a fierce commitment to success. Students surprise even themselves with a stronger work ethic and greater determination to succeed upon graduation.

“To me, success is accomplishing something you dream of doing and you actually went and did it,” says Wanda, a Medical Assistant graduate and current Medical Billing and Coding student. “It’s dealing with all the stuff you don’t think you can deal with. You can’t just stop. You have to keep going.”

“I started off in school after I graduated, but I underestimated myself,” says Tia, a Medical Assistant graduate. “That was my biggest challenge. Don’t ever underestimate yourself, and do what you want to do. Life is too short to come to a job and hate it. Even if you have to wait — life happens — do what you want to do.”

2. Purpose

Somewhere between school work, note-taking and externships, Virginia College students gain a deeper understanding of more than just course material. Our students learn a great deal about themselves and the impact that they can have on their families and communities.

“My kids are four and two,” says Chris, a Culinary Arts student. “My oldest is Brice and my youngest is Parker. I want to set a good example for them. I want them to know the meaning of hard work and doing what you gotta do to survive and be a great role model.”

“I knew that this was where I was meant to be,” says Angelica, a Cosmetology student, “to change lives of other people and make other people feel beautiful, in spite of their circumstances, in spite of what life may have thrown at them. They can still be glorious.”

3. Connections

Our students spend time learning alongside one another from experienced and caring instructors. Many of our students and staff start to feel like a family, supporting and inspiring each other as they work together toward their goals.

“After you get the hang of it, it’s a blast,” says Kennedy, a Cosmetology student. “It’s like a family, you just learn from each other. I’ve made friends here that I’ll keep forever.”

“Our instructors had really great encouragement and really good ideas,” says Tiffany, a graduate of the Therapeutic Massage program. “They have gone above and beyond. They told us that this was going to be hard, but they also let us know that they would be there for advice whenever we may need it.”

4. Confidence

Students often find that their limits are far beyond what they had ever imagined. The confidence that comes from understanding the extent of their abilities can be life-changing.

“This school has really opened up my eyes that I can do anything,” says Calvin, a student in the Business Administration program.

“I would tell others in my position, ‘If you’re fearful, or wondering if you can do it, just do it,’” says Teresa, a Business Administration student. “‘Take the step. It might be overwhelming at first, but that’s just because the entire experience is so new. It gets better.’ Being able to say that I’ve accomplished this, that I did take that step, I did get out of my box; that’s my definition of success.”

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