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What Career Is Right for You? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Virginia College Offers Variety of Career Training

Choosing a career can be overwhelming. With so many possibilities, it can be hard to decide where to start. How do you know which job may be right for you?

Start by taking this quick quiz to help identify your passions and understand your strengths. You may be surprised by your results!

Which statement best describes how you like to approach a project?

  • A. I like to collaborate when each person has a different skill to bring to the table.
  • B. I like to be the one who makes sure everything is organized and running smoothly.
  • C. I think bouncing ideas off other people makes for more creative, better results.
  • D. I work well on my own and use my skills to help others.
  • E. I prefer to work by myself and like to analyze things before coming up with a solution.
  • F. I enjoy working with my hands and figuring things out through trial and error.

Pick the word you feel best describes you:

  • A. Compassionate
  • B. Ambitious
  • C. Adventurous
  • D. Good listener
  • E. Logical
  • F. Active

What type of work environment would you like most?

  • A. I like to be on my feet and interacting with lots of different people.
  • B. I prefer busy and organized office environments.
  • C. I don’t care about traditional hours as long as I stay busy and can be creative.
  • D. I like working with people one-on-one and don’t mind being on my feet.
  • E. I like working at a computer in a place where I’m allowed to think through my tasks.
  • F. I don’t mind working outside and like when each day is different.

Pick the word that best describes the type of job you would enjoy:

  • A. Caring
  • B. Administrative
  • C. Fast-paced
  • D. Helpful
  • E. Analytical
  • F. Hands-on

What aspect of your life and the lives of others do you think the most about?

  • A. Health and wellness.
  • B. Organization, planning and preparedness.
  • C. Creativity and entertainment.
  • D. Looking and feeling your best.
  • E. Problems and how to solve them.
  • F. Keeping your mind and body active.
Virginia College Offers Variety of Career Training

If you chose mostly A: Health and Medical

Interested in a career where your skills could make a difference in someone’s life? From direct patient care to keeping medical offices running smoothly, there are many different career options within the health and medical industry. Look into careers such as medical assistant, medical billing and coding specialist, medical office specialist or pharmacy technician.

Learn more about Virginia College’s Health and Medical programs.

Virginia College Offers Variety of Career Training

If you chose mostly B: Business

If you’re interested in areas such as finance, marketing, management, communications or similar fields, business and administrative office jobs might be a good place for you to start your career. Business administration programs may prepare you for entry-level jobs from office manager and administrative assistant to project assistant and office support specialist.

Learn more about Virginia College’s Business programs.

Virginia College Offers Variety of Career Training

If you chose mostly C: Culinary and Pastry Arts

If you notice textures and tastes or if you love combining ingredients to create new flavors, then you might have the natural traits of a great chef. Chefs are involved in almost every area of the kitchen. They test out new recipes, direct kitchen staff and oversee food preparation.

Learn more about Virginia College’s Culinary Arts program.

Virginia College Offers Variety of Career Training

If you chose mostly D: Cosmetology and Massage

Helping others to look and feel their best can be fun and rewarding. If that’s something you’re interested in, then a career in personal care services such as cosmetology or massage therapy may be for you. Both cosmetologists and massage therapists provide clients with a form of self care and promote overall wellness. These careers allow you to work with your hands and make a difference by helping people feel better about themselves.

Learn more about Virginia College’s Cosmetology and Therapeutic Massage programs.

Virginia College Offers Variety of Career Training

If you chose mostly E: Information Technology

You enjoy solving problems, exploring new technology and thinking analytically. A career in information technology (IT) could be a good fit for you. If troubleshooting problems is something you enjoy, consider a career as a network support technician or in network and system administration.

Learn more about Virginia College’s Information Technology programs.

Virginia College Offers Variety of Career Training

If you chose mostly F: Trades

You want a satisfying career that combines working with your hands to fix things and using your mind to solve problems. Consider a career in a specialized trade such as electrical technology or heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Learn more about Virginia College’s Trade programs.

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*Virginia College does not guarantee employment or advancement.