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Success Story: Whitney, Business Administration Degree Graduate

Business administration diploma graduate Whitney working as an office coordinator

A degree in business could help put you on an exciting career path because of how well business knowledge applies to other industries and interests. Whitney, a Virginia College graduate, is a perfect example of this. She hopes to use her Business Administration associate’s degree to help her pursue her passion for cosmetology.

“I want to open my own salon,” said Whitney. “I plan on getting a cosmetology diploma and combining my business knowledge with my love for hair and cosmetology.”

Whitney currently works as an office coordinator at Virginia College in Fort Pierce, where she puts her business knowledge to use each day, fielding phone calls, ordering and organizing student transcripts, helping coordinate the college’s High School Pathways Program and handling other office management tasks.

Whitney knew that in order to open a salon, she would need the knowledge and experience in sustaining a business in addition to the training that a cosmetology diploma could represent. That is why she chose to pursue a business associate’s degree before cosmetology training.

Earning Her Business Administration Degree

Whitney enrolled at Virginia College to pursue a Business Administration associate’s degree, the first step on her path to a dream career. In her business courses, she drafted and created business plans and developed a business-oriented knowledge base designed to prepare her for the business world.

Her journey wasn’t always easy, though. Whitney faced her fair share of challenges along the way.

“At first I was very nervous that it would be overwhelming,” she says. “I was worried it would be too many students in one classroom, and that I wouldn’t get any one-on-one time with my instructor.”

However, once she began her classes, Whitney realized there was nothing to fear.

“It was completely the opposite of what I had imagined,” she says. “It was a small class size, and the instructors went out of their way to make sure everyone understood the material. I had a really great experience.”

Whitney says that her experience at Virginia College helped her go the extra mile and prepare for more real-world interactions outside of just starting a business.

“The most important thing I think I learned at Virginia College was in my career courses,” she says. “Those prepared me for job interviews. Before, when I interviewed for jobs, I would never get them. I wasn’t answering the questions well, or I didn’t bring a portfolio or a resume. Virginia College prepared me for a lot of that. I leaned how to create a resume, and I learned what to wear to the interview, among other things. It was very helpful.”

Having completed her Business Administration degree, Whitney is enjoying her time as an office coordinator, while planning and preparing to apply for cosmetology school.

“I learn something new every single day at my current job,” says Whitney. “Every day is something different, and I take in as much as I can. I really appreciate that everyone acknowledges my work and what I do.”

When she finally does open her own salon, Whitney plans on naming it after her mother.

“I’m still not 100 percent sure on the name, but I would like to name it after my mom,” said Whitney. “Gloria’s Beauty Bar.”

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