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Feel needed? Make a difference in someone’s life when it is needed the most!

Do you want more than just a job? Do you want a career where your skills can really make a difference in someone's life? Virginia College's programs in healthcare based education are designed to prepare you for positions in various rapidly expanding fields of healthcare. Healthcare management education is only one of our new initiatives. Or you may be interested in the field of sonography (ultrasound), respiratory therapy, medical assistant, surgical technology, therapeutic massage or healthcare reimbursement. Each program has a curriculum designed to focus on the specific disciplines that allow you to pursue a career in these dynamic fields. Take pride in your health care career while being a part of one of the most rapidly growing career areas.

Virginia College makes it easy for you to pick your area of interest in healthcare and get yourself on the fast track to starting your career. Begin your health care management education today, or begin working toward your new job as a respiratory therapist, medical assistant, or in therapeutic massage or sonography. Call or click today. Let an Admissions Representative help you choose your path to a better, brighter future!

Jeremy wanted job stability, and a career in the medical field offered him that, and more — he feels like his job is important.

Health and Medical Programs