Business Office Specialist - Diploma / Certificate

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It's time to take a new step toward your career success.

In nine months, you can prepare for a career working in an office side-by-side with other business professionals. According to the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), administrative professionals need a wide base of knowledge ranging from technical skills to communication abilities. Virginia College's Business Office Specialist Diploma/Certificate program is designed to prepare you with the skills you need in organization, planning, information distribution and administration—and to help you get into the job market quickly.

School will relate directly to what you'll need on the job.

This program emphasizes Microsoft Office and includes courses in Microsoft Word and Excel. The curriculum is designed to provide you with the tools you need to become a well-rounded and qualified professional, skilled to manage the day-to-day administrative needs of any office environment.

Jobs for Business Office Specialist Diploma/Certificate Graduates

Secretaries and administrative assistants perform clerical and administrative duties. They organize files, draft messages, schedule appointments and support other staff. Although these office professionals work in nearly every industry, many are employed in schools, hospitals, governments, and legal and medical offices. Most work full time in office settings. Virtual assistants typically work from a home office.

Upon Successful Graduation from the Program, Graduates Should Be Able To:

  • Demonstrate practical proficiency in the basic application of current office software including word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation development
  • Utilize the Internet, e-mail and basic PC knowledge
  • Implement basic project management in an office environment
  • Understand basic business operations
  • Write and type professional business documents
  • Type at an acceptable industry speed
  • Coordinate a successful job search

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