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Extended Payment Plan

Make your tuition more affordable with the Extended Payment Plan

The Extended Payment Plan is an opportunity offered at many campuses* for students to lessen the financial pressure of paying for their education while in school.

For students who worry about paying the difference between their tuition and available aid while in school, the Extended Payment Plan:

  • Extends required cash payments up to 12 months after graduation
  • Requires a minimum monthly payment of $50 while in school
  • Reduces monthly out-of-pocket costs while in school
  • Covers up to $3,000 difference in educational costs
  • Requires a monthly payment between $50 and $250 per month, post-graduation
  • Can be used only for tuition and fees

Additional conditions apply. Please contact us today for more details, eligibility requirements, and applications. In school minimum monthly payments are required for each fund source.

For more about financial aid, download our Ultimate Guide to Paying for College!

*Not offered at Augusta, Birmingham, Charleston, Ft. Pierce, Greenville or Huntsville locations.