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Success Stories

Success Story: Marcia - Medical Billing and Coding

Marcia is a 2010 Virginia College Graduate

Marcia had a four-year degree, but found herself drifting from one job to another. She never found anything she really wanted to do. And after having a child and being a stay-at-home mom for over a year, she realized that being out of the job market had made her career search even more difficult.

She lived close to a Virginia College and saw the commercials often. She enjoyed research and solving problems, so she quickly enrolled in the Medical Billing and Coding program since it was related to the type of office work she had done before.

She was a little nervous about returning to school after so many years. But soon things were coming back to her just like riding a bike.

“The instructors did everything possible to help,” she says. “They had nothing but patience for you. One of my favorite instructors would walk around saying, 'you're brilliant' to everyone and you really believed it by the end of the day, let me tell you.”

After graduation, Marcia started working at one of the largest clinic systems in her area.

“My education really helped me in this position because it's exactly what I learned how to do,” she says. “I've moved up quite a bit and I'm in a really, really good position right now and I'm happy for it.”