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Success Stories

Success Story: Laura - Medical Assistant

Laura is a 2012 Virginia College Graduate

Laura was working in fast food while attending a community college where she just felt lost in the crowd. She wanted more one-on-one training for a career in the medical field, which led her to the Medical Assistant program at Virginia College.

“Before I started Virginia College I was working at a fast food restaurant but I always knew that I wanted a career in the medical field,” she says. “The Medical Assistant program taught us everything we needed to know.”

Laura graduated from the program and was immediately offered a job as a medical assistant. Everything she does now as a medical assistant she had actually practiced in the lab or on the job during her externship.

Her new career allows Laura to do things she wasn't able to do before.

“I bought a car, I get to go on vacations with my family, just do a lot of things that I couldn't do when I was working at the fast food restaurant,” she says.