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Success Stories

Success Story: Carlee Farmer - Cosmetology

Success Story: Carlee Farmer - Cosmetology

With the Cosmetology program at Virginia College, Carlee Farmer found a career path she’s passionate about.

“It doesn’t feel like a job,” she says. “I get to enhance people and make people feel better, which makes me feel better.”

The extensive hands-on training made Carlee feel prepared to do more than just hair. She learned how to do manicures, make-up, waxing and more.

“When we go out, we’re ready. We’ve been in the salon setting so we know what to expect,” she says.

Carlee has reinvented herself several times through hairstyle changes. She plans to help other people do the same with her own hair product line and extensions. In addition, she’s set her sights on owning salons all over the world.

“I’m an artist at heart,” she says. “Being a cosmetologist, I get to perform visual art at all times. Coloring hair is like painting.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Carlee’s passion for cosmetology.

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